Cold War Voices Conference

Cold War Voices, Call for Papers, 22-23 January 2020

Project Talks and Events

21 June 2019 – Grace Huxford (PI) presented her research at the University of Leeds’ War and Peace Cluster Conference, ‘Preparing for Battle’ on ‘Waiting for War with the British Army of the Rhine, 1945-1991’.

6 August 2019 – Grace Huxford presenting at the Advanced Oral History Summer Institute at University of California, Berkeley, on oral history methodology used so far in the project.

19 October 2019 – Grace Huxford presenting at the Oral History Association annual conference, Salt Lake City, on ‘Oral History’s Cold War’

8-10 November 2019 Grace Huxford presenting at the History of Education conference on military children living in Germany and educational disruption

29 April 2020 *Public lecture* Grace Huxford presenting to the Bristol Historical Association on understanding the Cold War from the perspective of British Service families in Germany. Venue TBC.